Erster Kongress für Positive Psychologie in Berlin am 17./18.09.2016

PP Dach Kongress September 2016

Positive Psychologie – die Wissenschaft vom gelingenden Leben

Wie können Menschen ihr volles Potential entfalten? Diese Frage steht im Zentrum der Positiven Psychologie. Als neues Forschungsgebiet der Psychologie untersucht sie Konzepte wie Stärken, Lebenszufriedenheit, Wohlbefinden und positive soziale Beziehungen. Der Dachverband Positive Psychologie DACH-PP will dazu beitragen, dass mehr Menschen Kenntnis davon bekommen - bitte unterstützen Sie uns dabei.


Der DACH-PP organisiert am 17.-18.09. an der Freien Universität Berlin unter der Schirmherrschaft von Prof. Dr. Michael Eid seinen ersten Kongress für die Anwendung der PP in der Praxis.

Positive Transformation: How Organizations can become creative Workplaces

The Innovator's Current Dilemma

Most companies today strive for innovation, although creative ideas do not simply happen upon command. In today’s accelerated world, they happen through digitally connected social networks.

Organizations must thus create new structures and patterns (and unlearn old ones). The organizational pattern for innovation is “agile”, given that agile organizations are both stable and flexible. To master this paradox, they have structures with a set of core elements and they also create very dynamic elements that can be quickly adapted to new challenges and opportunities. Only recently, Google re-organized into one stabilizing component - Alphabet - for its core business, while all the other subsidiaries were organized in flexible smaller units, including Google, Calico and many more.

Positive Transformation: How Organizations can become creative Workplaces

My Motivation

I never managed people, and hardly gave other people the permission to manage me. I was a difficult employee. Traditional companies are valuable for many reasons, just not for me. Instead, I have always been committed to exploring how work can lead to fulfillment and growth. Recent trends show that I am no longer an outsider: increasing levels of complexity, connectivity and acceleration are changing the economy and the way in which we work. New technologies and volatile consumer behavior are disrupting markets, in a phenomenon known as “digital transformation”.

The speed of change challenges (not only) fortune 500 companies: yesterday’s tech startups are today’s most innovative global players, changing the way in which we perceive markets, companies and work. In addition, companies without managers, multi-preneurs, freelancers and small startups (people like me) are tangling up the global economy. Today, the key to innovation lies in companies’ creativity, namely their level of adaptability to cope with market volatility. Transformation is the magic word.

Holacracy Practitioner

Vom 21.-25.2.16 war ich im Training zum Holacracy Practitioner in Amsterdam. Mit Brian Robertson von holacracyone. Meine größte Freude: Stille Menschen mit guten Ideen erhalten eine Stimme. Laute Menschen, die gern alles besser wissen, werden zum Zuhören gezwungen. Und überhaupt wird bei Holakratie nebenbei aktives Zuhören gepflegt.

Ich werde die Erkentnisse in meiner täglichen Arbeit umsetzen.