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Positive Transformation - How Organizations can become creative Workplaces (2)

The Road to Innovation

What is the input that provides creative and marketable ideas? Today, markets have become “… too fast, too complex and too networked for any company to have all the answers aside” (Benkler, 2007). Unpredictability is the “normal” of our time. In a complex environment with only fuzzy goals rather than clear objectives, expertise may be less important than adapting a “beginner’s mindset”: making mistakes, learning fast, and taking corrective action very quickly. Successful organizations will be able to bring good ideas to market by using people’s intellectual and cultural power in a creative way.


Innovative organizations of today need to be proficient in:

  • ideation (the process of getting good ideas);
  • incubation (nurturing them into an actual business concept); and
  • acceleration (bringing them to market with the mainstream business)

(McGrath, 2015)


Positive Transformation - How Organizations can become creative Workplaces (1)

Self-Organization needs a positive mindset

I’m going to publish my thesis I submitted to obtain the Certification as Professional of Positive Psychology in 2015 in several chapters. Here’s the start:

1 My Motivation

I never managed people, and hardly gave other people the permission to manage me. I was a difficult employee. Traditional companies are valuable for many reasons, just not for me. Instead, I have always been committed to exploring how work can lead to fulfillment and growth. Recent trends show that I am no longer an outsider: increasing levels of complexity, connectivity and acceleration are changing the economy and the way in which we work. New technologies and volatile consumer behavior are disrupting markets, in a phenomenon known as “digital transformation”.

Wozu braucht uns die Welt? Selbstorganisation macht Unternehmen kreativer als bisher. Eva Maria Schielein in Praxis Kommunikation 01/2017

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